Biological Quantum Communications

Reverse Speech Has A Relationship To Quantum Mechanics

Ever since the development of digital audio software reverse speech has been extensively researched . If you have done any research at all in it you should recognize that there are some weird and often spooky effects happening with it. I have studied it frequently for the past 15 years as another branch of my research in parrot language and think that there is a a lot higher degree of content in parrots reverse speech than humans. As a final result, the information that I have obtained from it persuades me to think they employ it as a medium for connecting to the soul and the spiritual world.

A more detailed description of it’s relationship to quantum mechanics is available on website here.

We also have a new forum  The Angel Scrolls Forum  where you can join and be the first to witness and participate in this incredible discovery.

So I have multiple hypothesis that I would like to share with you. To start off, put aside all of the hype concerning reverse recordings being satanic and somehow linked to the devil. Although you can get bad results from it, this happens because the person’s speech you are dealing with is struggling with evil thoughts or possibly even more unusual, their soul is in a large amount of confusion.  If you experience what you feel is evil while listening to a reverse recording then you should find an alternate source. If it occurs persistently, then in some cases it is time to reconsider your own place on the pathway to spiritual evolution. If you believe in a trusting and caring Deity or God, whose main purpose is to put a stop to pain and suffering not only for yourself, but others, then you you should have no problem figuring out the difference between what is truly evil and what is something that a loving God might want to pass on to you through the angels.

How To Communicate With The Spiritual World

We all know it is a vastly accepted fact that the majority of religions believe that the soul is everlasting, having said that, as soon as we have studies of mystical incidents happening because of it, we frequently find these events extremely hard to believe. If we can rightly believe that the soul is eternal, then we can start to recognize what develops in the metaphysical. In the metaphysical or spiritual world, as in association with the quantum world, there is no relationship between space and time, for like a huge super-computer, just about everything is taking effect at once and certain programs depend on others to function adequately. The operating system of God keeps everything to do with the soul functioning, and spiritual evolution is the anti-virus that modifies it when it gets infected.

Do you really know what happens to the enormous amounts of atoms in our body when we die? They do not just evaporate, they end up all over the place. The minute you die, decomposition takes place at the quantum level with the substances that make  your remains and they are broken down and integrated into new molecules. If you believe in reincarnation like we do, then the atoms are brought together in a new life form and reborn later, still keeping that connection to the everlasting soul.

Using reverse recordings, we can essentially experience and interact with our-self through them, after we die. How is that possible? As soon as you have eternity to do whatever you want that is good, then in principle we could react and intercede not only with our own past but anyone else that we feel we might produce positive change in. And this explains paranormal events such as miracles, ghosts, apparitions and communicating with the spiritual world. It is an evolutionary part of the driving force throughout a quantum life cycle that affects change in our soul. It focuses on less pain and suffering throughout each life cycle of ourselves and those we have really loved in past lives and encourages a more rapid spiritual evolution of these souls. It is the way that God protects humanity and prevents its total termination and it is how He reverses evil that triggers pain and suffering for us. Yes, evil can be reversed and each and every one of us has the chance to assist in God’s master plan which will eventually see humanity experience less and less of it as we evolve.

Any time I have worked with human reverse recordings in the past I have found, like the late David Oates, I was able to grasp various clear sentences and phrases that related much to what the individual was saying. I have found that some of the human reversals I have done in the past have more information in them then others and when I do them it seems that I have a stronger than average interconnection to the spiritual world which attracts more spiritual communication. For the requirements here, I do not focus primarily on human reversals, but ones of my own budgies and find a much much better connection to the spiritual world with them, permitting me to interpret all the things they say in reverse. On occasion, I find that the reversals are even sharper and contain more context then the forward recordings and that was enormously surprising. This again relates to quantum mechanics because these miniature creatures have a much more powerful and deeper connection to the quantum world and are able to converse clearly in both directions. Design wise it makes sense that they can, because they are capable of generating more than one form of communication in different frequency ranges and you just have to know and adapt yourself to the right frequency to comprehend them. Quantumly, this is also very similar to the method atoms communicate with each other when they are entangled. If two atoms are brought close together or make contact they absorb some of the properties of the other and it is called entanglement. Once they are entangled they rotate in the exact reverse of the other, and if you disconnect them and create change in one, change in the other will come about at precisely the same time no matter how far apart they are.

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